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Illustration - Branding & Identity - Packaging Design

Rex Gin:
Coronation Day

With the 2023 coronation around the corner at the time, I created a proposal project called Rex Gin Limited Edition. The event was going to be a once-in-a-generation occasion and was the perfect opportunity to raise brand awareness for the gin distillery client.

Gin Bottle Packaging Design

After completing some market research, I created the Rex Gin branding and packaging (Rex meaning King in Latin). The idea was to create a piece of packaging design that can house the gin itself but to also create a physical memento, something that the buyer can keep as a fond memory.

Gin box packaging design
Gin bottle packaging design
Gin flyer leaflet design
Shopping bag design
Gin brand guidelines

The logo was designed to be a simple piece of calligraphy, the illustration that houses said logo is where the decor can flourish. With the tagline, however, it was important to create something that didn't leave a bad taste in people's mouths.

Branding logo usage

The illustration itself follows the shape of the British crown and contains the 4 national flowers of the United Kingdom (following the concept of the official coronation logo). The final touches are the juniper berries scattered around (juniper berries being a major ingredient of gin).

Illustration construction

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