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Illustration - Brand & Packaging Design


The client wanted to start a new range of locally produced ciders that leaned hard into the local aspect of who they were. After creating and presenting multiple avenues through mood boards and scamps, the client chose the DivaCity concept for visual development. 

cider can packaging

With this being a Bristol-based brand, I pitched the idea of having each beverage in the range represented by a ‘larger than life character’ that people associate with the city, a diva. We explored different visual styles to use on the packaging but after some development, we came to an illustrative style that used colour effectively & gave off a quirky charm. 

Custom typography cider logo design
Branding poster design
Packaging design

Finally, I delivered a whole brand identity with accompanying brand guidelines as well as logo design, typography use, web design, poster guidelines, and packaging. 

Website design
Brand guidelines

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