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Typography - Campaign Design - Brand Identity 

Don’t Interact Yet! Brand identity

As an internal project, I was given an open brief to create ‘some branding’ with just one word as a jumping-off point... ‘DIY’. During the COVID-19 lockdowns, I noticed a lot of people struggled physically as well as mentally, this was the problem I wanted to help solve. After a lot of mind mapping and research, I came up with the Don’t Interact Yet! campaign.

covid awareness logo design

 The goal was to encourage people not to socialise too soon after the COVID-19 lockdowns. D.I.Y was to be an information platform where the public could get creditable advice on how to stay productive, keep mentally healthy and even enjoy time in isolation. ‘Why not learn another language with Duolingo’ ‘Try catching up on some underrated TV shows’ ‘Develop a love for a sport (performed outside of course)’ 

Typeface development, Icon design and brand guidelines
brochure design

The result was a brand identity with logo design, Icon design, typeface creation and Brand specification (Brand guidelines).

Typeface design and development
Brand asset creation and design
brand website design

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